Pool construction process:

Pool stakeout/layout
The layout process takes place before your pool is scheduled for excavation. This will give you an actual idea of the size and shape of pool. Once the location is finalized we can start with the excavation.
After all of the utility lines have been located with TEXAS 811, we are ready to start the excavation of your pool. Forming of your pool will be used to shape and structure your pool. Once the forming is in place we can break ground on your pool.
Steel serves as the framework for your pool, with its high structural integrity. Re-bar will be throughout the entire pool and spa structure. Once the rebar is in place, a steel cage will encompass the contour of your pool and spa. At this point we may require City inspection if within city limits.
PLUMBING stub out
After the steel cage has been put into place, the plumbing stub out, e.g., VGB Main drains, pool returns, spa jets, etc…, under the gunite process is done . All pool plumbing is schedule 40 pvc pipe. Pool light niches placement for pool lighting is part of this process as well
Gunite crew of experienced personnel apply the gunite, using a high pressure to create a tough inner shell for your pool. We will ask you to assist in this process by applying water to the gunite shell at twice daily for the next 5-7 days. This allows the gunite to cure properly for structural integrity.
The pool plumbing process is next. We only use schedule 40 pvc pipe for all underground pool plumbing. We will set pool equipment at this time as well. We will keep all lines pressurized until which will be done just before plaster of pool. Gas line & Backwash/P-trap runs & connections will be done at this time as well if required.
Electrical runs, pool/spa lights, timers, pool automation & connections needed for pool equipment operation are done. All electrical work is provided by a Master electrician, following not only manufactures guidelines but city, state, and National Code requirements including City inspection.
Tile and coping selections will be installed. Stone mason will place the waterline tile along perimeter of your pool. The coping is the material installed on the perimeter on top or “beam” of the pool edge. Also during this time all waterfall and rock features will be put into place.
Your pool deck, e.g., Stamped concrete, Travertine, drainage, etc.…. will be placed as per agreed upon pool decking design. You may make changes or additions prior to forming this phase
This is your final step in the construction process of your new pool. This step is when your pool finish is applied to the gunite. Once the plaster is applied and set up we immediately start filling the pool and spa with water. Water MUST run continuously while filling & not be turned off for ANY REASON, until water level reaches at least 3” above waterline tile.
Once the pool is full of water, We will supply chemicals to balance water chemistry required for particular plaster finish. We will again, ask you to assist in this process by brushing the surface for 5-7 days to ensure the smoothest surface possible.
Pool n Spa Artistry will provide the homeowner with “pool school”. This a lengthy course on how to care and maintain your swimming pool and spa. Our excellent customer service does not end after your pool is finished. We are always just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns regarding your new investment.