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Natural, Free Form Swimming Pools

Free-form pools are often lagoon style or natural style, most incorporate waterfalls & rock features, the sound of soft trickling Weeping walls. Stone or Stamped Concrete decking add beauty to natural hardscaping. Freeform pools are the perfect tie-in to your nature-oriented landscaping. Natural pools fit perfectly into any space, no straight lines or hard angles, providing a natural design that is perfect for home entertainment and total recreation.  Other Features can be blended into a Natural Free-form design pool, such as a Sun Shelf or Tanning Shelf into their pool. This is simply a large recessed area, generally 6” to 12” or so deep, that allows Kids, grandkids or even large kids (you) and loungers alike, to play or sit in the water without becoming entirely immersed. Even a Beach entry, like a beach that gradually slopes into the ocean floor beneath the surface of the water and becomes increasingly deep as you move forward. Adding Blubbers to either of these gives you’re an added water feature that is refreshing as well to all swimmers. This Freeform pool design is relaxing, allowing for cozy & private areas, and floating off aimlessly in the refreshing tranquil waters.

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The use of natural and/or man-made rock can have a dramatic effect on your Free form swimming pool design. From simple pebble work in a Raised beam or decking to dramatic Moss Rock boulders adjoining a pool and defining a waterfall, listening to the sound of the water cascading over the rocks. The use of Moss rocks helps to create a breathtaking atmosphere you’d find only in nature. The Possibilities for incorporating Natural rocks or boulders into your swimming pool design are limited only to the imagination.

Pool n Spa Artistry will design your freeform swimming pool to blend into the surrounding landscape & terrain. Designs are customized to the specific site in your backyard. We transform your backyard into a private Oasis, where you can swim, splash, sun, relax and enjoy time together with friends and family.