Pool Features

Creating that perfect outdoor oasis begins with choosing the right pool features. Our selection of features allows for limitless possibilities.

Beach Entry      Waterfalls      Bubblers      Tanning Ledge      Water Slides      Spas      LED Lighting


Are you ready to enjoy the calming sounds of a cascade water feature? These features are visually stunning and aid in the circulation and cleanliness of your pool. Available in both rain, sheer, and bowl waterfalls. These water features can range from a half foot to several feet wide.


These fountain-like jets are visually appealing and have multiple benefits to your pool. Bubblers block outside noise, help cool your water temperature, and adds to a relaxing ambience. Choose from deck jets, telescopic bubblers and lighted bubblers.

Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge, also known as a sun shelf, is a raised platform within the water that is shallow, about 9 inch’s deep.  Allowing you to sit in the water without having to swim or float. They are ideal for relaxing and entertaining.


Need to relax after a long day? An attached spa is the perfect pool add-on. They are ideal for easing muscle pains and aches. Whether you desire a naturalistic or spillover spa, Pool n Spa Artistry is here to help you enhance your backyard experience.

Water Slides

Adding this pool feature makes your backyard feel like a waterpark. Water slides can be designed with a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and styles.

LED Lighting

LED lights are the most popular choice for pool lights.  LED’s have 5-standard colors. When combined with 7-different light shows, allows for over 100+ color variations. These lighting solutions are great for your pool, spa, water features, walkways and patios.

Beach Entry

A beach entry is a slopped opening, located at the shallow end of the pool. These entries are able to be customized with additional features such as bubblers, accent boulders, and umbrellas.

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